Decentralized Token Economies Will Transform The World

"...cryptoeconomics describes the combination of cryptography and economic incentives to design robust decentralized protocols and applications. According to this strain of thinking, Bitcoin succeeded where other decentralized protocols failed, not because of Proof-of-Work, the idea of decentralized cash, or even fault-tolerant consensus, but because it incorporated cryptoeconomics at the core of its consensus protocol. The grand vision of cryptoeconomics is therefore to extrapolate this success to embed cryptoeconomic incentives into everything; transactions, computation, storage, prediction, power.

Blockchains enable us to enforce scarcity and facilitate value transfer in areas where that would otherwise be impossible and, therefore, radically expand the range of problems to which economic incentives can successfully be applied. Viewed through this prism, cryptoeconomic systems are fundamentally new ways of incentivizing human behavior. And their potential is massive."

1kx is an early stage token fund built upon this thesis.
Run by two former technology founders Lasse Clausen and Christopher Heymann, its mission is to be the most founder friendly and helpful source of early stage capital for tokenized projects. You can follow 1kx on Twitter.